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Iain More for Iain More and Pam Siler

I remember Sarah because of herself and her terrific parents. I hired her father 31 years ago and have known Bruce and Judy ever since—so also Eric and Sarah. My memory and that of my wife Pam Siler is therefore deeply entrenched in that foursome. That will not go away.

My memories of Sarah are varied and contrasting, because I see her as a young woman of many parts, but with a strong underlying thread in all of them—a strong commitment to doing good things for other people. I remember Sarah as: the schoolgirl soccer player out there challenging in Willamette Park; the individual, unconventional daughter—looks and interests, of slightly more conventional parents (Jesus I hope they don't think they are dull! Not true and not intended!); the proactive advocate for causes, every one of which I believed in myself, but had never given the same unstinting commitment to; someone committing without aspiration to personal advancement; an adventuress—anybody who gets arrested twice as a train hopper in Oregon and Mexico has to be in that category; as an idealist working to fund the organic farm that sadly will never come; independent to the last walk.

Pam and I are very sorry not to be able to get ourselves from Scotland to Portland for Monday, but we will be there in spirit, lighting a candle for Sarah, spending time with Bruce and Judy as soon as we can.

PS. I had a fine "reunion" with Shonna during the summer—I had not seen her for nearly 30 years. I met her husband Yitzhak, who is a rabbi in Eugene. He seemed a great person, humanity first, religion second. They have two daughters one working for activist causes in NY. We talked about your Sarah, so I thought that they could give some sort of spiritual infusion that was outside my sphere. This was the reply. As it happens Yitzhak knows Bruce indirectly.

“Our deepest condolences to you and the family on the profound and sudden loss of a terrific young woman. Yitzhak already knew of her situation, as one of Sarah's parents works at the law office of the VP of our congregation, and Yitz was at a meeting last week there when they received the news. We will include her name in today's Shabbat services in the traditional "kaddish" prayer for the dead, which is a beautiful prayer affirming the beauty of the continuity of life. May her memory always be a blessing.” —Shonna and Yitzhak

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