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Karl Anderson

I had the privilege to meet Sarah in Zig Zag Canyon while hiking back to Timberline Lodge from Paradise Meadows as part of the first group from our party of six. Sarah was bundled up in her raincoat with just her face peeking out. As we talked briefly about which direction each of us was heading, the weather and hot cocoa at the lodge, it was her face that gave me a hint of the type of person Sarah was.

She was all smiles, happy and content to be outdoors and hiking, even in the rain. Her eyes were very bright and friendly, paying attention to our conversation, leaving me with the feeling she truly cared and listened to other people. Sarah was calm and collected that day as we talked and said our goodbyes, mature beyond her years. It was clear Sarah was someone who cared, someone who gave and someone who loved her life.

Please accept my sympathy for the loss of such a special loved one. I had a feeling of emptiness that could only be explained by the impression Sarah left with me in just a few short minutes of conversation. It was that face, peeking out of her raincoat that said so much about who she was without a single word having to be spoken.

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