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Ken Denniston

First let me express my sympathy to all of Sarah's family. I only met Sarah once, and only talked to her for two minutes, but I think our hiking party may have been the last to visit with her.

Our hiking party of six left Timberline Lodge for Paradise Meadows Monday morning, August 27. We planned to spend six days hiking the Timberline Trail around the mountain. It rained all day Monday, but it was pleasant hiking in the cool weather, and crossing Zigzag posed no problems with high water. We hiked up to Paradise Meadows and camped for the night. It rained all night. The next morning it was still raining. Considering the fact that the weather forecast called for rain for two or three more days, we decided to hike out. We discussed the possibility of splitting up and some of us hiking to Ramona Falls while at least two hiked back to pick up the cars and drive to the Ramona Falls Trailhead. We weren't concerned about crossing the Sandy River, but we hadn't heard that the bridge was washed out at the lower crossing. However, no one wanted to make the longer hike, so everyone decided to hike back to Timberline.

A light rain was still falling as our first group of three started to hike out. The others followed about 20 minutes later. When we crossed the Zigzag River, the water wasn't noticeably higher than the day before, and still easy to cross without getting our feet wet.

Near Little Zigzag Canyon, we met Sarah. It was nearly 11:00. We stopped to talk for a couple minutes. She didn't appear to be tired and was very upbeat. She said that she didn't actually mind hiking in the rain and was happy to be returning to her car at the trailhead. She told us there was good hot cocoa at Timberline Lodge. With that in mind, we continued on to Timberline Lodge. Sarah later passed the other three hikers in our group, but they didn't stop to talk.

I didn't hear that Sarah was missing until noon Thursday. I called the search and rescue number, but they had already talked to other people in our party who had identified her. I hope this information helped narrow the search.

Again, I share your loss. I will never forget this chance meeting. It has been an inspiration to read about the influence Sarah has had on so many people. It is a challenge to me to attempt to make that kind of difference.

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