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Jennifer Voelker

I remember when Sarah came over to meet my mother and me. We were happy that after explaining the type of assistance I need, Sarah said she wanted to help me. Little did I know then that Sarah would become a dear friend in addition to being such a help to me. What a blessing it has been for me to know and care about Sarah over the years.

Sarah’s compassion, maturity and patience were a comfort to me. I often told her how much I enjoyed visiting with her because she told such great stories. She was easy to be with and was especially gentle when I felt particularly sick.

I also remember well that the fist afternoon we spent together, Sarah shared with me about you, her family. It was clear from that day and all throughout the years how dearly she loved each of you and how important you were to her. Every time we saw one another, she mentioned each of you. She told me how you were and when she’d see you next or what you had planned together. Sarah also told me many times how glad she was for the relationship you shared. But she didn’t have to tell me; it was obvious how important you were to her.

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