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Sarah has been babysitting for me ever since I moved here five years ago. She was basically my only sitter, since it was impossible to find any other sitter who could compare. Sarah had a confidence and poise that made it easy for her to be in charge. There was lots of time left over for her to have a good time with the children—and they did some amazing projects. I’d come home and find they’d written books—once a hard-bound book of poetry—or made monster cards, or produced a movie (we have Sarah as an actress on film). They wrote comic strips, played Monopoly, made a cardboard jungle for the Lego men. She always made my children feel like valuable people that she wanted to spend time with.

For me, Sarah was almost a co-parent. Since I’ve been single all this time, she was one of the few people with whom I could discuss my children—their traits, their development, what issues needed work. I admired and respected her experience and skill in dealing with children and teenagers. I heard her counseling runaways on the phone a couple of times, and heard how her generous intelligence helped the person on the other end of the line.

I felt, and still feel, lucky to have had Sarah spend so much time with me and my children. Her time with us was a gift to our family. I of course hoped that she’d continue to be there. Even with this tragic loss, I appreciate so much what she gave to us over the past five years.

My heart goes out to you in your loss of a daughter who was one of the brightest, finest, kindest people I have been lucky to know. I thank you, as her parents, for the person who provided so much fun, guidance, and support to us. I hope she knew how much she meant to us.

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