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Bob & Karen Williams
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Sarah had a profound impact on our family. In 1992 she engineered what was the start of a Williams Family tradition. She asked Bruce how many cousins he had and why the family never had any reunions. She told him that she felt bad because she didn’t really feel like she knew her extended family very well. She and Bruce then spent the next year planning what was originally a “Cousins Reunion.” After all their hard work planning and scouting for places, they finally decided on a spot in Rogue River, Oregon. By the time of the actual event the entire Williams family which included Grandma Williams (Marguerite), her five children and their spouses, and 12 cousins (plus spouses and children) gathered for the reunion. The event was such a hit we have continued to have reunions about every two years since. Because of the reunions we have all become much closer to all our extended family. Without Sarah’s initiative, who knows when we would have gathered together? We’ll always be grateful for her perseverance. We’ll miss her very much.

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