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Judy Bishop

My beloved daughter, dearest Sarah:

Today, I tuck you in one last time and kiss you good night. I am sending you on your next journey well-prepared—sturdy boots, warm clothes, and your Natty Gann hat.

You were the most amazing young woman. So brave. So kind. So compassionate.

You are loved and respected by so many people but, most especially, by your loving family and friends.

Dad, Eric and I are feeling such a tremendous loss because, to us, you were simply our little girl, our little sister, and with your passing—believe me when I say—you are not going alone because each of us are sending parts of our hearts with you. They are crushed and broken and although the wounds will heal, we will always know that the reason our hearts just don't feel the same is because they are living on in your spirit.

You were the best daughter and sister any mother, father and brother could ask for. We felt the love and your gratitude for good family and a good home.

We will forever keep your memory alive and strive to keep your spirit, and passion, and loyalty, and convictions burning brightly in our selves and to instill your gifts in others. You inspired, and you motivated, and you nurtured so many people.

We are so proud of you—you awesome, awesome young woman.

And now, the hardest thing I must do in my life is to tuck you in for the last time. And kiss you. And hug you. And tell you I love you.

Now we lay you down to sleep; we pray the Lord your soul to keep; may He guide you gently through the night. And wake you with morning light.

Safe journey, Sarah girl. May you soar with the eagles. Howl with the wolves. And forever be beside still waters.

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