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Andy Maffei and Ruth Weston

To: All who were touched by a Beautiful Soul
Fr: One of the Above

I met Sarah in the summer of '96. My wife & I were working at Camp Adams that summer, and the staff, which included Sarah, all lived together in the Administration Building, separate rooms, but cramped quarters nonetheless.

What struck me about Sarah was her intelligence. While her contemporaries would spew platitudes and sound bites regarding the state of the world, with nary a thought about their impact, Sarah seemed to always consider a subject from many angles. As a result, what she had to say was often thought provoking rather than eye-rolling and I enjoyed her input.

And she was adorably cute, with a beauty that shined from within, overshadowing all superficiality.

Her physical beauty is now lost to the world, but the beauty of her soul will live on in the memories of those whose lives she touched. I will remain grateful for having been touched by a rare beauty until such time that I myself become a memory.

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